June 1, 2010: something in the air...

As I've mentioned before in previous entries, there is some intrinsic connection between me and costal breezes. I have no idea why this is so, although my past experiences and locations believe me to think it has something to do with fitting in a setting. The fact that Cape Cod has been a consistent summer destination throughout my entire life, that feeling I got when sea breezes blew past me in Kyong-ju, the inner lull and hum I feel when I'm around the shore; all of those things and more contribute to my fondness and connection to this idea of costal breezes.

I am relocated in Cape Cod for the summer time. I think that this is a good thing for my spirit, kind of like recharging my battery but in a much more complete way. I'm not recharging one battery, I'm recharging and renewing multiple batteries. I feel as if this past year I became too work-oriented; I forgot how to have fun. Burying myself in work was also easier than remaining still and quiet, listening to my sounds. I think I've lost touch with myself. I think I haven't taken the time to get to know me, the new me, especially after all of this Korea business. I never got the chance to familiarize myself with the post-Korea Peter, who is a completely new version (hopefully better) of my old self, the one I knew so well.

So, perhaps this summer I will try to reestablish my relationship with myself.

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