April 24, 2010: and conflict stirs within me....again

The posted link is a video about Dandelions in South Korea, a group of birthmothers trying to gain support to end international adoption, that is, the exportation of Korean babies. I find myself at odds with this movement. Part of me supports the end of international Korean adoption (both for the adoptee's sake and that of South Korea's reputation). The other part of me opposes this movement. Being a Korean American adoptee is hard, and quite frankly, sucks about 75% of the time. However, that 25% of not-sucking completely balances out the shitty 75%. I am part of probably one of the most interesting and unique group of people on the planet. We are enigmas and mysteries that we, ourselves, do not understand. I think there is beauty in that, there is adventure and excitement in that. We are able to meet ourselves for the first time many many times over. Our existence, my presence in this world, makes the human community all the more diverse.

So, I'm at odds with myself over this...

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  1. My heart aches for you, Peter, that you feel bad about yourself 75% of the time. I suppose being a Korean-American adoptee AND gay makes it doubly hard. But you have so much going for you: a loving adoptive family, obvious intelligence, a good education (ongoing--keep at it!), amazing good looks. You are who you are, and that is a young man with great personal assets (I don't mean money)and great potential for a happy and fulfilling life.