February 25: blurg...

Mid terms are horrible. I've been living in the studio for the past few weeks--no fun.

For those who know me and read this blog:

Please know that the primary purpose of this blog is act as an example of one adoptee's experience. The entries in here are to be read like chapters of a larger book; each containing its own message and truth. Taking this into account, the fact that I am looking at this project as part of a literary experience, please know that some thoughts are magnified to create a more compelling and engaging reading experience. Many people I know (and love) have sent me emails of concern. Know that I am doing okay, that the purpose of the last entry was to illuminate my wonderment of how sometimes a small thing can cause a large result (how a medication can help ease a life-long problem).

So, in short, I am doing okay and well; I'm just working a lot at the studio.

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