September 9, 2009: Homosaywhat?!

Congratulations Katherine Heigle! She and her husband are adopting a baby girl from South Korea!

As an adoptee, which I'm sure you all are aware of (haha), it fills me with pride and hope when I hear of a couple adopting a baby from Korea. Having grown up, mostly grown up, as an adoptee I look for people like me and I celebrate them, I want them to succeed. I want all Korean adoptees to realize how extraordinary, remarkable, and resilient they are.

However, my experience as an adoptee has shaped my world in bright and dark ways. There is a dark and rip-tide downward pull to adoption that you feel as you grow older. You never stay fully afloat; you learn to tread water well. So, Katherine Heigle should be an overjoyed adoptive parent, but aware of the situation to come. She has an adopted sister from Korea, so I think she can sort of understand better the whole thing than most. 

Anyway, that just brightened up my day.

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  1. I could not have said that better myself! And glad you are feeling better!