August 9, 2009: What now?

Now that the trip is over I am feeling a little lost here in Seoul. It dawned on me yesterday that this experience of being in the city without a set program is lonely in an echoing sort of way. Yes, there are other adoptees staying here, but every day we say goodbye to one more. Now there are just a few left.

I'm trying to filter and process this whole trip and I can't grab a handle of it. I feel like it has become something so epically right that I can't just let go. I guess my trip ends in a few days but I'm not done with Seoul, or South Korea. I don't think I'll ever be done with this place. It fits, it feels so right here, to the point where I don't want to go back home.

So I'm at odds with myself here. I'm also very hungry.

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  1. Pete, I wish you the best and most wonderful experience there in Korea! I was there in 2004 on my honeymoon! That is also, when we found my family..was not planned! AsI read your site, it takes me back and am enjoying it all! My heart is with you..and understand how you must be feeling. We are all different with different stories..but yet, I feel so close to so many other adoptees and their stories! from KyungMee at