August 5, 2009: What a day!

Yesterday I traveled down to Ulsan in the southeast of South Korea. My translator, J.S, was too good to be true having studied in my hometown. We were able to actually talk outside of adoption or Korea.

The south is on the water and a coastal breeze greeted me when we stepped off the train. I kind of found some sort of solace in that. The area resonated with me on some deep level I've never felt before.

I met the doctor who delivered me. He, unfortunately, didn't remember my birth mother. He did have an address which we followed that information up with a visit to the city hall and met with the head of the area. The address yielded the wrong woman, which they assumed was my birth mother. They printed out a picture of her and tried to see if I looked like her. I did not. I felt relieved. Here was this woman who could have been my birth mother and instinctively I refuted that. Maybe I'm so used to searching that I'm forgetting what it's like to find exactly what you're looking for...? Anyway, I'm glad I know what that moment feels like I think I know where to go from here emotionally speaking. I think that the head of the city felt bad so he took JS and I out to dinner. I learned a few Korean customs about drinking soju (which we had too much for my taste and I'm thinking, "I cannot be drunk with the head of my birth city!").

I'm glad I went down the south and saw a different side of Korea that makes the country all the more appealing. I will always come back, I have a feeling...

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