August 15, 2009: Naega hot issue...

Today hurts a little less than yesterday. Like I've said before: you never get over something, you just learn to live without it. And 4 days post-Korea I am beginning to let other take their turn within me. School is coming up and I am so ready to dive into my studies (both artistic and English related). I ordered Rosetta Stone Korean and I can't even explain how excited I am to start that! I am letting all the other new and exciting things in my life take control...

...But I'll never let Korea go.

I think that this is okay. Instead of trying to make sense of how I will work my way back to Korea, I've decided that I will go back to Korea. It's not a matter of "I want to go back," but a fact of "I will go back." I have dreams of dropping everything a moving to Seoul, but that is so against my Taurean ways that those aspirations will stay in my head. It's good to hold onto some things, I think. They keep us going and moving. If I didn't have Korea, I'd be stuck.

It's a matter of keeping my interest in Korea always at a constant. So I am listening to more Korean music. The lyrics are all in Korean and only make me want to learn the language that much more. I will try to eat Korean cuisine more often, and hopefully cook my own (because I lack the funds for constant take-out). I just need to pace myself and be practical about next summer's plans.


  1. Pete, I added some korean videos to my blog but it comes on ramdomly through the youtube video stream. I got some of them from when I was in Korea and collected from time. I recently found mathew's ethoughts and his other site koreanclass blog. His koreanclass site has many korean find some you may like alot there! You just have to go through his archives. Good luck!

  2. My family knows exactly how you feel. We went to Korea in April. My son (age 11) was able to meet his Halmoni (grandmother) and his little brother. It was amazing. We had such a hard time coming home. We are planning to live in Busan for a month next summer - we have to get back.

  3. Thanks for posting this. As a Korean adoptee who is yet to go back to Korea, I'm finding your insights to be good and helpful at preparing me for something I've wanted for a very long time...^^

  4. Just started reading your blog. You are writing from you heart and I love it! Hope you are well :-D