August 14, 2009: Writer's block

I know I have this screenplay or story inside of me. I know it's there and I know I can write it and share it with the world. I'm just stuck right now...

I think I get caught up in the idea that anything I write about adoption has to be new, fresh, revolutionary. In fact, just a simple writing about the reality of adoption would be much more effective than some epic adoption adventure. And yet, I can't get the idea that writing about adoption has to be something out of my head!

And now I have writer's block and I'm watching Pokémon...

1 comment:

  1. I have always put off writing or discussing my life prior to adoption or the 'adoption' experience all my life...just short little spurts when asked. Now, I am in my mid thirties. I know I have to and want to share my experience..and I let that be my guide and motivator! You are doing fine! You just had a wonderful and awsome experience...maybe you need to take it in a bit;) I still only read over the most recent posts..I need to go check out your older ones still.-Kyungmee