August 1, 2009: Sesame balls :)

The pastry scene in Seoul, or at least in Shinchon, is quite remarkable in its zest. The strange array of semi-sweet, semi-savory choices wait patiently in shallow baskets to be chosen. I choose the "Glutenous Doughnut with Red Bean." It's delicious and sweet. I remember not being too fond of red bean paste growing up, but here in Seoul I find it amazing.

Katie chooses a green lump from Paris Baguette called "Melon Cake" or something. None of us expect it to taste like a real melon, but it does! It's too strange for me and I spit it out while Amanda scoops up the last of her shaved ice topped with fruit and rice cake (I'm forgetting the name). Elizabeth is puffing away on her Marlboro as we all sit outside the pastry shop. We should have been at the Conference, but I could not sit in the lecture hall for the whole day.

The opening presentation at the G.O.A.'L conference made me upset. First, the presentation started with a documentary (a Korean one) about a woman who was adopted into a very hard childhood in the US. On her birth records from Holt Korea another name is written next to hers. She was found in a market place with another little girl. She fights the slight corruption of Holt Korea's practices to try and find the truth. It was a unique story, a sad one too.
It would probably have been better if this woman had emotions, something indicating she had a heart and joy for this life. I don't think she is a particularly happy person. I am put off by that. She goes onto (she is speaking with us, now) explain how to "confront" one's agency. She makes a game plan, a battle scheme. I feel like she's taking the defensive to an extreme. And all of this hostility and animosity toward the adoption agencies and policies because of her experience. I can understand her pain and hurt. I can't understand her need to spread that to other adoptees. I hope my meeting with ESWS will go well and I'll learn something new. I am glad I see the glass half full...

We went to a department store and I bought cute school supplies... too much Hello Kitty! 

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