July 30, 2009: And so it begins...

Sitting in the JFK terminal waiting for KoreanAir flight KE082 made me realize my insecurities with my physicality. Being around so many Korean people walking, talking, eating, acting the way real Korean people are brought up to act made me feel so small. I almost threw up. Sick...

The 15 hour flight across the North American continent touching the Arctic Circle  before swooping past Russia and into South Korea's capital of Seoul, gave me perspective. The flight attendant gracefully walks to my row and says something in hanguk that I can't even begin to image what it means. "...What...?" I respond. 
"Oh, sorry," she begins once more, "we have beef or bibimbap for lunch."
" Beef, please. Kamsa-hamnida," I mutter and go back to watching "Coraline."

Oh, geez. I'm actually here. I'm actually doing this. Okay, breathe.

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