July 21, 2009: Wait, WHAT?!?!

So, I leave for Seoul in 8 days! HOMOSAYWHAT?!

It's kind of crazy. I can't really believe that I'm going yet; it hasn't hit me yet. And now I'm scared that this whole trip won't register until later, and that would suck. I want to be in the now and the active. Sometimes I get too in my own head and while, yes, it can be so refreshing and beautiful to be introspective, I have a deep seeded hatred of this quality of mine. If I'm in my head then I'm not being and active person; I'm not living in the wondrous "now". 

Delayed Emotions have plagued me for some time. I think it comes hand-in-hand with Introspection. Both are bitches. I just really hope I'll gain some sense of perspective before I go. 

Well, I do have a long journey to think this all over.

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