June 7, 2009: I got bitten real bad...

I have a confession: I have the travel bug.

I was bitten pretty badly by the travel bug in mid-May. I'm itching to get away to somewhere completely new and exciting. I have half a mind to just jet off, but my Taurean practicality holds me back :) But I think that I'm going to try and get away this August. Maybe grab some friends and take a road trip or fly to the beach, just find something new. I have this really strong and deep regret that I should have gone to South Korean this summer to a) get the first trip done and out of the way, b) satisfy my travel bug needs, and c) I was ready, and I am still.

So I am putting my South Korea trip on hold, until next year (possibly winter break or next summer). I don't want it to become another thing I keep putting off.

So, where should I travel to?

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