June 19, 2009: And then the squirrel ate Dib's greasy head...

I just realized that on July 30th, my youtube channel videos about adoption will be a year old. I find this ironic that also on July 30th, I will have just landed in Seoul... sometimes things work out in beautifully perfect ways without your prior knowledge or control.

I am also listening to Owl City's album, Of June, because it hits the spot. "Hello Seattle" is my favorite track so far.

I'm in New York until Sunday primarily visiting my friend, Camilla, whom I haven't really spent a substantial amount of time with since middle school. I'm also seeing other friends too. I'm using this trip to get away from "it all." I'm not sure what "it all" is, but I think it's that feeling of being stuck and wanting to be in motion. I also was bitten by the travel bug, so that might explain it too.

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