May 9, 2009: Almost time...

My birthday is tomorrow, less tha 2 hours away! Cool!

So, I'm in Philadelphia visiting my grandparents (for Mother's Day, I suppose). The weather was hot and groos and we went on a walk and I thought I was going to pass brother, NoBo, wants me to mention him. So, NoBo...

Anyway, my grandparents are old and sort of falling apart. Consequently, they are seeking to unload a lot of their stuff they've collected over the many years. My grandma gave me a few pins, one is a talon with some gold metal, another is a giraffe. But it occurred to me that this unloading process is one everyone will have to go through in some way (either on the giving end or the stuff-getter). This is sad, I think. The fact that there are so many memories in a pin, or an old sweater and eventually we all must part with the memories we hold. Nothing is ever permanent, I guess.

We can plan and map out of lives and how we wish them to be, but in the end we are only the memories, the things, that we've collected over the years. On our very long and hot walk, I shared by 5-year plan with my mom:
1) Finish school (with hopefully and job in London)
2) Move to London
3) Get married by 25
4) Be a cool dad
All of that is good and well, but at the end, whether or not this plan is realized, I am only the memories I've collected over the years.

My grandma had trouble ordering food tonight at dinner, which makes me wonder if people could jsut project their thoughts into conversational atmosphere, wouldn't that be easier?

My brother also picked up a condom wrapper, infuriating our mother... yeah...

Signing off!

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