May 4, 2009: There's no place like home...

I surprised my family and came home early. The 5 hour car ride was really helpful. There is nothing quite so comforting than being alone in a car for an extended period of time, just me and my thoughts. Some of my friends made me car mixes (because I asked them to), which were like swimming in the past year. I loved them!

The mind has this weird way of sorting things out. I was focused on the road and my thoughts just fell into place. But now that I am here, active in my head, watching tv and writing this, my thoughts fly into the atmosphere of my mind...great.

Sometimes we need a long car ride, sometimes we need to be alone, sometimes it's not enough to think that you have everything under control. Let your mind relax. Focus on something else, like a trashy tv show. Haha.

Signing off!

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