May 29, 2009: Off to find that piece of me...

I don't even know how this happened but I've left a piece of myself at Brunswick, Maine. There's this part of me is forever rooted in spending summer hours with my best friend(s) in this completely beautiful and fantastic place. Adventures spill from our pockets and hands like the bits of sea glass and shells we find on the rock coast. I am a kid again in Maine; that is something I forget to do often.

I've been going to Maine with my best friend Clara since we became close friends back in the 4th grade (although, I don't think my first actual trip with her to her summer spot was until 6th or 7th grade). There is history there. There is love there. There is excitement in the little things. 

So, Clara comes over tonight as I'm cleaning my room and finding both good and bad objects from the past year. And she says we are going to Maine (which I drop everything for - that says something, I guess). And it occurs to me that a year or what feels like 10 years can go by and I still can feel all of my right places, I still know where everything fits. Similarly, I feel where Clara fits in the greater puzzle of my life. I think that's beautiful. I can see where Maine, an extension of Clara's love and friendship, fits in. Our friend Morgan is coming too, and she needs this mini-vacation after helping with much of her sister's marriage preparations (and dealing with motherly-mayhem). I feel the warm spot that has Morgan's name written on it. Just the idea of spending a few days with close friends from home can make the soul feel so at ease with all this changing business of growing up.

We leave tomorrow, but in my mind I'm already there :)

Can you see your life as a jigsaw puzzle? Try it, it makes each location, person, experience have its own territory in your heart and soul. Try listening and feeling the way your body and mid respond to being around the people that know you the best. For me, my locking jaw ailment goes away, my back muscles are calm; I feel at peace amongst the company of close friends.

Signing off!

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  1. Just saw're cute and I miss you already!