April 8, 2009: Mmm carrots

So I'm sitting here eating carrots that have been in my fridge for a week now. Ironically they are damn good, so maybe carrots need time to become delicious... that's a metaphor for life, I suspect.

Today I woke up feeling not so sure about my decision to live on south campus, of my school, in an apartment. It's a little expensive, away form most people on main campus, and the living would be completely self-sufficient. I was also worried about if I'd actually see the people I love on a regular basis. It's okay to worry about things, I've learned. Worrying is your mind asking if you're actually paying attention. Anyway, I was feeling like I wouldn't have much human interaction until my good friend, Abby, told me that she was thinking of living on south campus as well. Further, she said that there are a lot of people we know who are living on south. At the end of the day, she is living maybe 20 feet away from me in another apartment. Things work out!

Great, great, great.

Also, everyone should get the free downloadable album from Super Mash Bros. It's boss, really solid.

Until next blog!

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