April 26, 2009: Oh, Britney...

Recently I discovered that there are only 2 types of people in the world...

The Food People and The Sleep People.

I am a Food Person, 100%. Mess with my food and I'll cutchoo! I think this comes from being  Taurean, we do love our food; we like our territory in general... But the funny thing about me being a Food Person is that I know exactly where it comes from. Unlike a lot about me, I actually can see where this Food Person originated from... It all started when.....*cue flash back*....

My parents used to tell me this story a lot, partly because it's my favorite story about my adoption. When I was in foster care back in Korea, my foster mother used to wake me up as a baby every few hours during the night to feed me. I think this is just a precaution a lot of foster mothers take to ensure that the baby is healthy and happy. Consequently they wrote in my babycare report that I "woke up every 2-3 hours to eat." There was probably something lost in translation because I don't think I woke up, but rather my foster mother woke me up. So, there's my mother, being her paranoid self and staying up late with a bottle waiting for me to wake up and eat. But my first night with my family I didn't wake up at all, and I never did end up waking up to eat as a baby. So, I think my Food Person tendency comes from this one situation back in Korea with my foster mother.

It's so bizarre and kind of mind-boggling to think about your current self in terms of past interactions that you might not even remember first hand! Weird, no?

So, I guess the bigger question is: are you a Food Person or a Sleep Person?

Signing Off

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