April 26, 2009: I don't know you yet, but...

I don't know you yet, but nobody laughs like you, and I like that.
I don't know you yet, but when you smile I can't help but feeling sun rays.
I don't know you yet, but I miss you when we're not together.
I don't know you yet, but I love you.

Sometimes you need an escape. Everybody needs something non-real to make them feel real. It's a human characteristic to wonder, to dream, to be caught up in something that may not exist.

I am a dreamer, supported by the practicality of a Taurean.

I find myself envisioning this person I have yet to meet; someone (I assume he is a man) that will actually change the way I feel and view the world in the most profound way. I dream that dream. My escape is this the reality that even in my dreams I know I am open to change. I am too young to be stuck in one attitude, and too old to not see that I can change. I think that made sense...

There is hope, truth, and happiness in escaping. And escaping is very different that idealism. I am actively escaping to my place to gain solace, to recharge my system. That's important. An escape isn't giving into a dream, it's not shirking your responsibilities, and it's certainly not silly notions of idealism. An escape is necessary for the human spirit. And I say, why not indulge your personal self? 

Why not do something good for you?

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