April 17, 2009: Underwear Party

My friend, Alisa, turned me onto this amazing music blog and I'm currently dancing around in my underwear and a tank top... this is amazing. (If you want the music blog name, leave a comment!)

Happy Birthday Esther! (Hibachi dinner, yummm!)

So, in my crazed state on Wednesday, running on maybe a few hours of sleep, and had a 12-page research paper on Japanese design due that afternoon, I was looking out the window of my friend's room when I saw a rather attractive guy. He wasn't wearing anything particularly eye catching, not was he particularly stunning. But he was so good looking, nonetheless. In that moment I stopped and thought, "why do I think he is attractive?"

What is is about certain people that make them attractive?

A new friend spoke about the Golden Ratio in the face and how some ratios are just more "beautiful" than others. I watched a documentary that said when someone smells good to you it's because that their immune system is compatible with yours and you two would produce healthy babies. Interesting, no? But I'm actually still not sure why I find certain guys attractive, physically. I definitely have a type of guy I typically find very hot, but why those kinds of guys?

Do YOU have a certain "type" that you just go all ahhh over?

Signing off!

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