April 9, 2009: Best Break Up Advice

It's sad but true: all relationships come to an end.

Mine just did yesterday, and I know I'm not in the perfect place to give sound advice. However, I feel that mayhaps my advice might be the best for others in my situation. So here it goes...

Chris and I dated for about 5 months, which is a solid chunk of time. I have no regrets about the relationship or how it ended. Circumstance and outside forces played a major role in our separation; he was a senior, I am a freshman; his workload demanded more of his attention, I needed more attention; etc. In the end we decided, mutually, that it would be better, and healthier, for both of us if we just left things on good terms. I know that everybody loves a hot and heavy romance that blows up and sizzles away, but ours was subtle and therefor called for a calm end. It was a real thing. We are still friends and plan on keeping in touch. Yes, I lost a boyfriend, but I gained a close friend.

It takes time in an situation to let the mind, body, and emotions recover. I am sure that somewhere down the road I'll hit that wall and feel the full emotional extent of this ended relationship. I'm not there yet. But I think it's important to look at the past not in terms of what could have been, what I/he could have said/done; don't look at the relationship like it was a bad experience. Mine was great; I'm sure yours had great moments too. Everything is a learning process. Take one key message from it and tuck that in your back pocket for later use.

There's a patch of yellow buttercups by my favorite green spot on campus. It snowed yesterday and the day previous, but the buttercups are still there. Chew on that metaphor..... mmmm meaty...


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